Input buffer stolen

I have a new Suse 11.4 installation and run KDE. When running something
where I type in stuff (be it the console, Libre Office, or a news group posting),
after I type a few characters, the cursor goes blank and nothing happens.
It seems some process is stealing the input buffer. To proceed, I have to
click on the screen with the mouse, and I get a few more characters.

What can this be due to?

On 08/30/2011 10:06 AM, dieterhansbritz wrote:
> What can this be due to?

lots of things–what else is running? a torrent? a desktop indexer?
something in WINE? a browser with Flash pumping video? what?

open a copy of top in a konsole, and watch to see what is stealing your

and, it could easily be just a need to install the correct video driver
for your graphics, see

could also be a faulty install…you say your 11.4 is “new”…but is it
‘new’ laid in over a previously existing openSUSE or other distro? did
you format install? did you save an old /home with all its config files?

maybe you have a faulty install due to broken install media, did you do

or, maybe you have corrupted your system by installing conflicting
versions…like, have you installed any packages from any repo with any
of these in their name: factory, unstable, playground, or tumbleweed?

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