Inkscape <-- Uniconvertor <-- sk1libs?

Hi all.

I’m having a problem on using inkscape. I’m need to import a .cdr (coreldraw) image file. From what I can get, Inkscape should use uniconvertor for that.

Both are available, but not the sk1libs, which are needed for uniconvertor to work.

Any ideas? I looked into the software search, and I could not find any mention for sk1libs. :frowning:

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Did you check the box to search for packages the provide the search term?

Just did it on yast here. Nothing comes up!

Hi, johannesrs
afaik uniconvertor is standalone app. Personally I never use it, so I can miss something

I found uniconvertor in graphics repository

sk1 is another vector editing program
sk1 available from standart 11.3 repo

Actually, Uniconvertor is not, from what I understand, “standalone”. Yes, Inkscape can live without it, but it uses it for specific file conversions. If you look at the dependency list of Uniconvertor, on the other hand, you can clearly see the need for the sk1libs package, which, at least according to yast and to software search, is not available anywhere for opensuse.

It’s all in the name…

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Thanks a lot! That did the trick! :smiley:

Your welcome :slight_smile:

It’s all in the name… Search Results

I used it about three days ago and it worked perfectly, now I am installing it in another pc and is no longer there… any body can share the RPM or know where else can be downloaded?

They changed the search check box… Search Results

Looking for sk1libs ? I found from this website;
sK1 Project