Inkscape + LaTeXText not working


I’m having trouble getting an Inkscape extension to work in TW.
According to

it require the following packages:

  • inkscape (version >= 0.91) (Check!)
  • texlive-base (pdflatex, …) (Check… I guess?!
  • pdf2svg (Check)
  • python and python-lxml (Python version < 3.0) (Maybe?)
  • python-gi, the PyGObject bindings for the GTK3 GUI variant (Maybe?)

This list applies to Debian, so the reason it’s not working on my PC is probably due to a missing package which I’m having trouble indentifying. The extension appears in the context menu, the files have been copied to inkspace/extensions as well (latextext_gtk3.inx,, and latextext.pyc), but when I try to run it a small windows opens and closes immediately afterwards. Can’t even see an error message.

Thanks a lot.


Heureka, in OpenSuse repo the missing package is called python2-gobject-Gdk.
Seems to work fine now :slight_smile: