Inkscape 64 bit won't load

THis weekend I decided to install openSUSE 11.1 64 bit. I’d checked that the software I wanted to use had a 64 bit rpm from the repos. The install went smoothly.

I installed Inkscape x86_64. There were a few dependancy issues with poppler, but it only required that I change those packages to x86_64. All seemed well and it was installed without issues.

However, when I try to load Inkscape, it pops up in the panel, but no Inkscape loads. I could try switching back to i586, but it will effect more than one package (GIMP is also x86_64, which in turn is GNOME, etc).

Can someone please help or suugest anything?


PS. The same thing happened with Firefox, but I just installed the i586 version instead.

You have a problem. Poppler etc. should already be 64bit. Looks like you mix 32bit and 64bit packages on a 64bit install. Since I don’t know what other libs/apps you brought to 32bit I suggest you reinstall and avoid putting lots of i586 libs/apps.

Thanks. May be you’re right.

I did end up installing Firefox as a 32bit because to just would work. Perhaps I have over complicated it. I would have thought that when I added some new repos and updated most of the system (including KDE), that it would have kept the 64bit requirements.

The strange thing is that even the 32bit Inkscape fails to work and that’s messed up the whole thing. Time to start from scratch, perhaps even on a test machine first and get it right. In fact, I may even try the 11.2 rc release.

Thanks for the suggestions of keeping everything 64bit and not mixing it. I think it all started when I installed Firefox as a 32bit. Hah, the joys of freedom software. But where would we be without it?

Thanks again. I’ll post back the results…