Initial desktop after KDE login

Is there a way to specify in which desktop a KDE session starts?

The reason I ask is this: On two desktop computers, it is starting in desktop 3 when I wanted it to start in desktop 1. This strange behavior began around 1 month ago when I was running 11.3 on both systems. Now they are running 11.4, and it is happening again. In both cases, I had deleted “.kde4” and created a fresh configuration.

Possibly, it is because I set for “different widgets on each desktop”, and then I configured the desktops with desktop 3 being the last to be configured. However, I have also setup 11.4 on two laptops, and configured the KDE desktops in about the same way. But the laptops always start in desktop 1.

This is admittedly a minor problem, but it is weird.

I did not test. I have two desktops and my idea was that it started in the one that was effective at the moment I loged out. Are you sure that is not the case?

No, that is definitely not the case. When I logout, I am usually in desktop 1, and occasionally in desktop 2. I use desktop 3 only occasionally, usually when working with latex. I don’t think I have ever logged out from there. But that’s where I finish up on login.

I should have mentioned that I have KDE start with a saved session. And I made sure that I was in desktop 1 while saving the session.

Thankd for the explanation. We have to rule out such possibilities.

Just did a short test on my openSUSE 11.2 with KDE 4.3.5. When I loged out being in desktop 1, the login showed desktop 1. Same for desktop 2.

I am afraid that this observation is of no help to you :frowning:

It does give me a little more info on how KDE does things, though it doesn’t help with my specific (and admittedly minor) problem.