Initial Config Help For Noob

Ok this is my absolute first time using Suse, I have some very limited expirience with Ubuntu but that is the extent of my *nix knowledge…very little.

Anyway I have successfully installed OpenSuse 11.1 x64 so no problems there, I am posting from the desktop right now. I just need some configuration help and in total laymans/noob terms (I have never heard of Yast before install for example).

Anyway I am at desktop, and I am using a 32" Samsung HDTV resolution is supposed to be 1920x1080, but my only options are upto 1400x1050 and only 16bit colors so its as though there are no drivers installed.

My Specs on this box are as follows:

-Phenom X3 8450
-ATi HD 4550 512MB
-Foxconn 690v mobo
-500GB HD

Very basic system, my 4550 is hooked up to my display via HDMI…which leads me to my next question, my ATi card has built in Audio and I have no clue how to activate that either.

So off the bat those are my two glaring issues

1)poor image configuration with little options

2)no audio

thanks in advance:)

Hi, Bobby. Let’s start with some very basic configuration checks (I am assuming you have NOT yet done these).

  1. click to open YaST, enter password,
  2. On left side of the new screen click hardware,
  3. Click graphics card and monitor, Sax2 will open for you,
  4. Click monitor,
  5. Hopefully your graphics card was properly detected and selected. If not click “options” to do that,
  6. Click “monitor” to select your manufacturer and model (hopefully it’s there),
  7. Verify and change display size by clicking tab at top of same screen,
  8. Click “OK” to get back to Sax2 screen,
  9. Click on resolution and colors buttons to set those as necessary,
  10. Click “OK” to save everything.

That should do it. If you’ve already done all of this, sorry for not being of more help. :wink:


You could try working your way through the openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide. If you get stumped by the mass of Linux specific information in that guide, and need to have some coaching to get thru it, post here, and we can ask some specfiic questions to learn more about your PC specifics, after which we can give specific recommendations.

openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide is here: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

Alright guys, thanks for the prompt help!!!

We are getting there I made it to step 5 of your instructions but my graphics card was not detected (listed as “VESA Framebuffer Graphics”)and clicking options gives me what appears to be only pixel display options but zero options to select a card.

Also in step 6 it appears that just a generic profile is selected, its “SAM” under the first plane and “samsung” under the second, this is after I select “change” so I left that as is.When I go to display size I can choose my size (32") and aspect ratio (16:9) and when I go to save it changes to correct size but puts me in 16:10 aspect ratio for some reason and even then after I log out and back in only gives me 4:3 aspect ratio’s as resolution options.And I have no clue what to set “Display Size in [mm]” to, there is Y Axis and X Axis, no clue what to set those at.

My display is a Samsung HDTV, model# LN32A550

@oldcpu thanks for the direction, I will attempt that next:)

Bobby, when you go into Sax2 and try to select your monitor select Samsung. You’ll see a button in the lower right corner that says “Utility Disk.” If you have a driver disk that came with your Samsung click that, put the disk into your CD/DVD drive, and that should allow you to load the driver for your monitor.

Once you’ve done that it will appear in the list of Samsung monitors. Then you can click on it and it will allow (should allow) you to configure to the right screen size and aspect ratio. Don’t worry about the X and Y axis mm boxes. Those will change automatically as you select the diagonal size box and/or aspect ratio.

Let us know if that helps.

Sorry that I don’t know how to help you find your graphics card.