initalltion problem

hello friends im fallowing this forum
now i hav a problem
im have dell laptop
i hav windows xp os in it once i unpartition some space in it and installed opensuse 11.3 gnome version in it is wkg fine but sound is not coming for that i went to windows os and tried to unpatition the linux version now the problem is that
im unable to install the linux and im unable to get the windows os also. im have important data and s/w in windows so please help me when im trying to install linux its giving some error like bootloader error and partion error and in partion its showing windows c and d drives ntfs drives but when trying to boot through dvd or hard disk im unable to get the windows os atlest im only getting
please please help me
thanks in advance

Sounds like that you started installing without any clue what you are doing.

Go and get a MS-DOS disk or your your XP install cd, boot into repair text modus and do an fdisk /mbr to delete your MasterBootRecord.
Then consult your Windows handbook how to install a Windows Bootloader.

Please remember a newinstall of Windows XP does not solve that problem because grub is in your master boot record!
Please remember also that there is no tool on openSUSE CD or DVD to delete MBR. It can only overwrite it with a new grub…etc.

Whats the boot order in BIOS? To install through DVD you need CDROM as first boot entry.
That your boot loader gives errors booting openSUSE is normal. Remember you wiped out your openSUSE partition
and your bootloader is trying to boot openSUSE from your wiped out partition.

im have important data and s/w in windows so please help me

every tutorial i have read STATES as the first thing is MAKE A BACK UP
and most have
step 1 Back up
step 2 back up
step 3 see steps one and two

if you are able to get xp running make a back up

but from the sound of it you tried to use the ms windows built in tool to resize the disk partitions twice
just installing the Microsoft bootloader back on the MBR might not fix it .

All is not lost, can you find a machine and down load gparted and burn to cd? This will allow you to fix partition errors. You should not have deleted openSUSE as this killed the copy of windows mbr. Had you not deleted openSUSE you could have use the dd command to restore the original mbr.

fdisk -fixmbr using a dos disk is an approach if you hardware isn’t too new ie: memory < 1gb, single core processor and smaller hdisk <128GB

Windows may have done damage to partition table if you tried to access the deleted Linux partition, so it is important that you use a Linux method to properly identify partitions. Make sure it tries to boot dvd first. If you get GRUB it’s trying to access the hdd which is wrong. It must boot to dvd and you should see a message stage 1 , 1.5 , 2 and present you with the install/repair options. When you get there, it might be advisable to use expert mode by typing expert on the lower line (warning! this opens up full power of Linux) then follow closely until partition set-up and be very careful to review suggested config of drives closely to make sure it’s going to do what you want. If you don’t know read, research, and learn before you try.

You installed Linux which took copy of mbr and placed it /boot then new bootloader was written to mbr with entries (also stored in a file menu.1st in /boot) the list of OS’s and their locations. When you deleted Linux partitions, you erased /boot thusly, now when you try to boot the PC it looks for the linux partition hoping to find /boot and can’t find it. This means it can’t read menu.1st to know where windows and Linux should be. As for the windows drives and linux (as free space) they should be ok other than linux being erased.

After booting from an XP install disk, press R, then type


im have important data and s/w in windows

If you have concerns, use a live CD to back up this data, if you don’t have one Downloads

If your first post here is as I read it your data on windows should be OK.

hello friends thanks fo ur valuable suggessions .
i have got my windows os and my data recovered
for that i hav used forensic data recovery tool testdisk its solved my problem
and the i unpartioned my linux partition from window os and again installed open suse 11.3 KDE now both os are wkg fine
thanks alot to the forum and forum suppotes
thank once again

Good to read you fixed it.

For your sound problem try following this Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide