init 3 & autostart of script

Hi everybody,

I use on my serwer openSuSe11.2 and init 3 /console.

I need to put some commands/script

mv /home/tcp-syn.dmp /home/eftepe/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.dmp
tcpdump -i eth1 tcp [13] == 2 -w /home/eftepe/tcp-syn.dmp &
tar cvfz /home/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.tar.gz /home/eftepe/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%
rm /home/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.dmp

into the autostart.
This script should start on boot - after network interfaces.
It would happens automatically at the system start without my login on console.
I’l try put this scrip/comands to boot.local, but boot.local starts before network :(.

What do I have to use then?
Thanks in advance,

Put it as a separate start up script in /etc/rc.d
You may look at the ones there and use one of them to create this. Make sure that you follow the standard so that you can make it available in Yast (or you can put a symlink in rc3.d).