Inherited account?

I wasn’t sure where to post this. I just registered today and it seems my account isn’t new and belongs / belonged to someone else. Just thought I’d report this. Thanks.

Welcome. Sorry the reception here looks a bit strange.

While you will understand that a user name you choose here on the forums may allready be in use, I understand from the fact that you started this thread, that you know the old password, or that something different happened.

Do you mind to explain a bit more on how found out about this and if you use your own invented passsword or not?

BTW, the original owner did not post since 2009, so I do not think that we are realy disturbing him, but it is strange and should not happen of course.

Hi. I didn’t log in to the account. I simply clicked on register and registered the account. I didn’t get any “username taken” messages. It’s after my 1st post I saw the username was taken.


I have no doubt that someone with more knowledge about the forums internals will come back to you. Either here or with a PM.

From what I can see that happened is that someone registered the linux_noob account name here back in 2008 before we integrated our forums into Access Manager (SUSE) login. After the integration, they never came back to login which would have synchronized the account. Years later, when Matthew came along and actually registered the account with Access Manager, the system finally synchronized the old existing forum account to the matching SUSE login.

Weird, but I see how it happened. The good news is that the old owner of the ID can no longer login with it so I guess it’s like buying a used car. Already broken in and comfortable. IF you prefer, I can change the ID on your account and you can start new here with an account right off the lot.

Hey if that’s possible? that would be great:) I’m a very new linux user and I would like that to show in my join date:)