Info: Grub2 Changing my Desktop BIOS Boot Order with usb Keys

Just for Info:

I’ve been doing some usb thumb drive learning curve testing with the new releases and have found that where previously, I could set the boot order to boot usb 1st and it would never change, now Grub2:

  1. IDs the brand of usbkey (plus key ID) and sets it in my BIOS, so that when I change usb keys, it always rewrites it to the new brand and the new key is always at the bottom of the list.
  2. Requires me to enter the BIOS each time I change Thumb Drives and reset the Boot Order.

Some UEFI systems allow you to hit F12 (or other key – F9 for HP) during boot and get a one-time boot menu.

I use that method to boot a USB. So I don’t have to actually change BIOS settings.

Thanks to you, I experimented and found that F11 allows me to select the disk/device to boot from – Neat!