Info categories in KDE Help Center

These are separate categories:

  • GNU Utilities
    versus GNU utilities
  • Software development
    versus Development

Makes no sense to me. And where do I find gdb? I mean, gdb is installed (by default) but info gdb is not.

The KDE Help Center currently available is from KDE3 as they have only just got round to updating it for KDE4; so, if you are really concerned, go to KDE UserBase and comment or offer to help.

I took your advice and visited Asking Questions; here is what they say:

Also, try to make sure that the problem you’re having is a problem with KDE and not some other component of your system (for example, a problem with X or with alsa). If possible, try an alternative, non-KDE application to see whether the problem also occurs there.

So I said


and guess what? The (dir) node is empty >:(