Infinite /boot directory?

Just noticed today that if you open /boot, it opens /boot again for what I can only guess is infinity. I got tired of clicking at about 30. The dolphin location bar actually reads /boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/boot/. After the first initial click, every boot dir icon has a shortcut arrow. Is this a weird bug, or by design?

No, it’s because dolphin doesn’t tell you that in /boot, boot is a symlink to the current directory. Everything becomes clear if you do

ls -l /boot

and look at the entry for boot.

Aaaaahhhh, now I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the brain kickstart. I guess I’m still trying to get rid of my “buntu” conditioning.

It’s only an infinite loop if you keep following it.

As far as I know, the “/boot” directory has a symlink: boot -> .
That symlink causes what you are seeing. However, it shouldn’t be causing any problems. That might only happen when “/boot” is a separate file system (or at least that’s the only case I have checked).

When grub is booting the system, it only knows about “/boot”. Having the symlink results in what looks like “/boot/file” to you also looks like “/boot/file” to grub when it is booting the system.