Increasing YaST2 timeout.

“Timeout exceed” … bla…bla…whatever. Get outa here.

There might be different reasons for this message to pop up (such as a bad connection to the mirrors YaST2 automatically selects or a crappy internet connection).
Anyway, here’s the magic popup: How to increase the waiting time for timeout a nudge so that even in those cases updates/upgrades are possible?

Friendly replys are appreciated.

I couldn’t see a setting for this, I was looking in Yast - System - /etc/sysconfigEditor

Maybe someone else knows.

If you have connection problems with the repo urls’ you have, consider using a mirror for problematic ones:
openSUSE Download Mirrors - Overview

Thanks for replying that quickly. Great to have you here, caf4926.

Somehow it doesn’t seem to store the changed software repository as the metadata needs to be updated - and without a better connection it’s a small nightmare. :wink:
So…if someone else knows how to increase the timeout value in YaST2, please shout it out LOUD.

You might be barking up the wrong tree IMO. Personally I find the timeout on Yast too long. On the odd occasion that a mirror is unresponsive, you have to wait for what seems like ages until the timeout kicks in. Does my head in. It’s always advisable to do Yast/Update work on a good connection too.

Can’t agree on that. I’d like to increase the timeout value from X to 60 seconds at minimum. I know, life is short, but hey, I’m not in a hurry here. Personal question: Did you sleep at all? hehehe…

Personal question: Did you sleep at all? hehehe…

I had a few hours as usual.