Increasing the community support of openSuse - please vote

I was not sure were to post this, and I hope I do not offend anybody by posting this. My intention is just to enlarge and improve the community of openSuse users, which often seem a bit “under the ground”. Having a large community and multipe places for support only benefits the user group op openSuse. Since Stackoverflow is one of the largest support groups on the internet supported by google, I believe openSuse should have a presence there (just like Ubuntu has).I have proposed a new stackoverflow forum for openSuse. Anybody who supports this, please vote at the pioneer’s site here.

On 11/13/2012 04:06 PM, Dorax wrote:
> I was not sure were to post this

you could ask, there is a forum for that, named “How to use the forums?”

had you asked someone might have suggested: chit-chat, or ??

please don’t double post:


Double post. This one is CLOSED.

Goto if you are interested.