Increase sound volume above 150% (Mic boost)

Hello, I need to increase my microphone sound volume above default KDE 150% ( I have Audio-Technica high-quality microphone and Asus Xonar Essence STX II soundcard, but their recording sound volume is low).
Previous KDE versions allowed to increase volume only up to 125%. And currently it’s 150%. I think it’s possible to make 200%. So, I think somewhere in configs should be an option to increase to 200%

This is my alsamixer view: it is not possible to increase the volume even to 150% if it’s not available from Plasma settings before. So, I think it’s not the case to use alsamixer for my case. Also it doesn’t save the settings after reboot (according to forums).
I have perfectly clear sound even if add 10db in Audacity. So, noise is not the problem. Just need to add 5-10 dbs

What about pavucontrol?
Can you try this?

pavucontrol got me only extra +3%

What about mic-boost in alsamixer?

Phantom power?

As we see on the screenshot, it’s unavailable. But maybe there is another option to use it?

Actually, the mic has a small battery and turn on/off mode. It’s Audio-technica pro 24-cm

Replace battery, try another microphone.
You need additional power for Condenser Microphone.

The PRO 24-CM camcorder microphone…
The microphone is designed for either battery operation or battery-free operation when used with camcorders that provide plug-in power at the mic input.

  • Stereo microphone designed to attach to a camcorder
  • For camcorders with an accessory shoe and stereo microphone input

What about to increase the volume programmatically? If it’s available in a sound editor - it should be possible.

What about using hardware the right way?
You’re lowering sound quality with programmatic magnification.
You can achieve the same sound quality with a cheap microphone without additional power input.

Its muted?
Can you set it with m and set up with the up-key?

Yeah, thanks! There is no option to use up key but M added +20dbs to the volume. Think, I also need to save this settings (at least to make a script) to use them after reboot.

Yeah, adding +20 db added some noise. But my mic costs $99 while I bought it half a price somehow. Need to check if there a possibility to use a better battery, because I don’t want to add something with a size of UPS to my mini-PC.

Disabled HDA in BIOS and it feel the sound became slightly better (maybe not). No need to restart alsamixer every time, so mission seems completed.
Maybe some hardware issues like extra power and mic stance will be solved later.

This is an answer from the official AT site:

It does not operate on phantom power. It uses plug in power provided by the computer, camera or other devices.


do I need an external phantom power source to use the microphone with a PC? Can’t find that with jack input (or it’s not possible even).

They call it “plug-in power at the mic input”:

Battery-free operation when used with recording devices that
provide plug-in power at the mic input

Power Requirements 2-10V DC plug-in power

This is phantom power from camcoders and DSLR with 2 - 10 V instead of quasi-standard 48 V.

Every condenser microphone needs power to operate. Plain and simple. How much power, and where that power comes from, depends on what kind of mic you are using. When it comes to using a video mic, there are three main power sources that will provide the juice it needs: your camera (called ‘plug-in power’), batteries, or what is known as ‘phantom power’. The type of power your mic uses will depend on its size, features, and capabilities. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three.