Incorrect Sound Settings

Hi all

i wonder if you can help me. i am running openSUSE11.2 which is fully updated.only problem is that it wont play my audio throught the correct ports.

it plays everything clear on the front ports but not the back ports.

please inform me if there is a package or application that will help me fix this problem.


Can we assume you are meaning on a PC tower - the front sound ports and rear sound ports?

In such a case the front pots are just an extension of the rear. The rear being those directly a part of the onboard sound.

Unless you have two sets of rear ports?
Because you have onboard and a additional PCI device?

Is this a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system ?

You can learn more about the configuration of your system for sound, by typing:


Please do NOT post the output of that script here as it is too big. If you feel obliged to share the output, then post here the URL it will provide you (or copy and paste it to a site such as New - Pastie and again provide the URL it will give).

That diagnostic script should tell you the status of all your output ports.

hi again it is a 5.1 surround sound system that i have the sound ports are onboard.

it only detects 1 output device. but when i plug them into the back ports (where they should be) it plays the audio with breaks and starnge frequency noices.

i will try that code now and give feed back asap

i typed it in and it shows me all the drivers etc.
then it asked me if i wana download a new version of Alsa and i did.

bt now it says that i must open it in the specific location.

does this mean that i must cop the file to the alsa folder and open it there

New version of alsa ??? I have no idea what you are referring to here.

Did you run the script


and did it provide you a link to a URL (web link) with information on your software/hardware audio setup ??

Reference setting up a surround sound on Linux, I documented my exploratory efforts here: Exploring surround sound in Linux - openSUSE Forums