Incorrect Date after timezone change


We have OpenSuSE13.1 installed on 4 of our servers. For archiving and processing logs we execute ‘date --date=yesterday +’%Y:%m:d’ from a script exactly around midnight( 00:00:01 ). This was working properly and on 8th march around 03AM the timezone changed to CDT from CST. The next day (i.e on 9th march) when script executed the date command around midnight it got ‘07’ as yesterday’s date on all 4 servers. Any idea how the timezone change affected this?


Assuming the US that is the date and time that the normal Daylight savings kicked in and the clocks auto changed to DST if you added your own script this is probably why it is a mess LOL It was not needed. But this is all depends on the political area since DST is a political decision and is not based on any physical reasoning.