Incorrect colours (only) in video - what did I set wrong?

I have two SuSE 11.1 installations in front of me . One is Gnome the other is KDE 4.1 On one machine (Gnome) wmv files played through VLC appear reasonably correct in terms of colour. Even my old QuickCam Pro 3000 camera shows image of reasonable colour.

If I copy these wmvs to the KDE machine, or connect the same camera there, then colours - played through any suitable application, including VLC - have an overwhelming blue cast, as if the red and green channels were missing.

If I play the wmv situated on the KDE4 machine through the network to VLC on the Gnome machine, colours appear correctly. For some reason VLC posts an error if I try to connect in the reverse order.

Images like jpegs, tiffs etc appear the same in both systems.

I guess there is some setting on the KDE machine which is wrong, but I have no idea what that might be. Any suggestions?

Go to the video prefs in the video player settings and try a different playback: eg: from auto to x11 or if it’s set to xv (xvideo) try x11 or other

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Thanks for this most effective pointer. For VLC player there were about 15 options for output in video settings, only 2 of which produced reasonable colour (or any output at all). These 2 were not obvious choices:

OpenGL video output and Simple DirectMedia Layer video output.

Neither X11 nor Xvideo worked correctly

Having ‘fixed’ it for VLC I also found that the camera is now giving better colour (still really in the category of excrement rather than excellent, but there you go).

Thanks again

btw I could find no ‘settings’ option in Mplayer - mainly because the only output it was able to produce on these wmv’s was the msg ‘fatal error’ and presented a solid blue window. There is a drop down menu available from the icon in the top left handle corner of this blue window which allows me to adjust window characteristics, but these controls seemed to be aimed at the Linux equivalent of a VB programmer and have no information of changing the video output settings.

For mplayer use the front end SMplayer