inconsistent icons in KDE menu and yast

I’ve installed and changed the icon to ‘compass icon’, but the icons didn’t show up correctly in the menu(application launcher).
OK, that’s fine. But …
some icons didn’t change correctly. And in kubuntu, icons just display correctly.
Also, the icons in yast do not changed. So is there anyway can fix this proplem.
PS:As this is my first thread posted, please figure out the problem where i’m wrong or the inappropriate format. And sorry for my poor English.

log out log back in maybe??

Welcome first poster.

Please always tell which version of openSUSE you use. And when you use a more recent version of any software (in this case maybe KDE) you ask about, also tell us.

Still, it doesn’t work…

I’m using openSUSE 13.1. The KDE version is 4.11.5.:slight_smile:

Sounds like this:

In short, it seems the icon theme you use doesn’t name the category icon files the way the openSUSE menu structure expects them.
Whether this is a bug in openSUSE or in the icon theme I don’t want to judge.

I see the following workarounds:

  • Run the menu editor (right-click on the K-Menu and select “Edit menu entries”) and manually change the icons to what you like
  • Rename the icon theme’s file names accordingly or create corresponding symlinks
  • Edit the files in /usr/share/desktop-directories/ (those define the menu subdirectories including their icons) to use the “correct” icons from your theme. To not have your changes lost on updates, you should copy the file(s) to ~/.local/share/desktop-directories/ first and edit it there. (this is in effect the same thing as point 1)

That needs to do a lot of thing…I’ll just leave it alone…Any way,thank you.:slight_smile: