Incoming - Full rebuild of Tumbleweed (GCC12)

From the notes of the openSUSE Release Engineering meeting 12.05.2022:
“Factory has switched to using GCC12 as the default compiler on May 10th. A full rebuild of the distro has been triggered. Snapshot 0510 will be large(r) in size due to this; build and QA might be delayed a bit (limited build power)”

This means that the next Tumbleweed snapshot update will be huge. Forewarned is forearmed.

The release of snapshot 20220510 has been confirmed on the Factory mailing list (together with a warning about its size):

Thanks for the information. There are always people that are confused by such a large update and spreading the word may avoid that for at least some.

Thanks for the info. Indeed, huge updates came both yesterday and today. Someone may say “annoying”, I say “thank you, openSUSE is alive and well” :slight_smile:

Its working very well on my potato Laptop.

Regards, Gigi.