Inadvertant KDE Update

Some what sheepish grin!!

I decided to do a 1 click update to KDE 4.2 from 4.0 However, I aborted
after I found umpteen conflicts. I thought I would wait fro 4.3 in the

However, I decided to update my packages anyway. I hit the update and
lo and behold my repositories had pointed to KDE 4.2. So I got an update
to 4.2.

However, KDE4.2 wouldn’t even start!!!

I managed to open Yast from the failsafe command line and then scoured
the repositories for everything 4.2 and updated it.

I now have a reasonable working KDE 4.2. However, the task bar doesn’t
look very pretty but I can live with that.

But now Firefox has given up entirely it got updated when I did a
general update.

It has given me a chance to use the new KDE 4.2 Konqueror that actually
looks quite good!

I have tried deinstalling and re-installing but no avail

But… I would like my firefox to work.

Any Ideas?

Also any advice on my inadvertent update to KDE 4.2

Many thanks

ps. I am a total newbie Suse addict


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Login to CLI and do this:

mv /home/*username/.kde4 .kde4old

that will give you a new kde4 settings folder - *username = must put
your username.

you can do the same with mozilla

mv /home/*username/.mozilla .mozillaold

this will start a new mozilla settings - you can pick up your bookmarks
from the .mozillaold folder

Slightly odd - Is you say you were kde4.0 (so is this OS 11.0)

In Yast Software Management if you filter by repo and select the new
kde4 factory repo, see if there are blue (or maybe red) packages. If
only blue - do update all in this list if New avail
If red there too, do update all unconditionally.

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