In writing a response visibility of the thread is lost

I find it very annoying that when composing a respnse to a message thread that the visibility of the thread is lost when writing. You only see the response dialogue after clicking on “Reply to Thread”. Perhaps, I am missing something. If so let me know.

My solution is to open another browser tab to view the thread at the same time as writing a response. Then, also able to copy/paste from thread as needed.

Suggest a change to the response dialogue keep thread in view and to allow scrolling up through the thread.

Thanks, tom kosvic

Depends on the mode your in, if I scroll down I see the thread when replying… I use linear mode…

How do I implement linear mode. I am unaware of the setting.

Top Right on the page: Settings -> General Settings -> Thread Display Options.

I went there and “linear - oldest first” was active. Other choices are newest first, threaded, hybrid.

I still can’t see entire thread when writing a response.

thanks for help, tom kosvic

My apologies,I found previous message list in response window.

tom kosvic