In the Yast2 of leap15.4, i cann't find the pattern for hpc

In the leap15.3 version, we have a pattern for “hpc moularized package”, but i cann’t find it in the leap15.4. Also, in the “development”, only a few lines appeared, I cann’t find gcc and g++ in this sub.
I can find it by a search, but what

had changed in the leap 15.4.


With Leap 15.4, the HPC Tool Chain begins with the following SUSE (not openSUSE) package:

  • gnu-compilers-hpc - SUSE HPC GNU Compiler Toolchain environment

And yes, there ain’t no pattern …

  • You’ll possibly have to post a request into the openSUSE mailing lists for an answer as to why.

BTW, there’s this SUSE documentation related to HPC: <>