in the market for a laptop need advice

I’m in the market for a laptop need help on selectingn a brand or which one has a better hardware to support opensuse on it. And by the way yes I am a noob interested on Linux, and if there is a different distro that works better on a laptop, which one is it. Thanks

I posted about my deliberations last year here: Planning for new laptop - openSUSE Forums

IMHO you need to decide your requirements, and then do a lot of research on this. Note our forum stickie: WELCOME to LAPTOP thead area - openSUSE Forums

I have been in the computer business for 10 + years and the laptops i alwas have trusted are DELL and GATEWAY i currently have 4 laptops and i have run suse on all of them

I personally do not buy laptops in the 64 bit foundation due to the overheating problems they can have. single core processors are the most reliable

if you are looking for graphics machines DELL XPS with nvidia is the powerhouse.

if you want stable look for 2.2 gighrtz and at least 1.5 gig of ram and make sure if you buy a duo core buy a cooling pad as well these tend to run warm. it all depends on what your needs are…