In terminal up arrow gives "Save screenshot"

Just a let you know…

I’ve seen this to and don’t know what made it go away it was related to

Using the evdev driver kills my arrow keys - Google Search

Basically evdev driver and affects a few distros’

I am pleased that someone else is at least aware. I just don’t see the connection. I boot auto and up arrow is print screen. I boot with logon and all is OK.
Ooops replied before checking the link. So it is a bug to be addressed.


Just go to keyboard shortcut then set screenshot shortkey from “print” to something else (such as “pause” key) . after applying changes go back to keyboard shortcut and reset the screenshot shortkey to “print”.
its solve my problme!

Thanks I’ll give that a try one of these days. Right now I’ve just re-installed and backing up as I update and get things the way I want them. I had another issue where Suse wouldn’t boot so am kind of gun shy with this distro. So far so good as long as I have manual log on.
Regards, Allan:)