In place upgrade of SuSE10

I have a site that has a SuSE10 server running on support pack 1. We have been trying to get the server to upgrade using the patch process online, but to no avail, it want work for us. I was told you could upgrade the server using the media, but I have never done it before. The server is currently running SuSE10sp2 and we want to get it to support pack 4. I would assume you would use the SuSE10 sp3 media and boot off it and choose upgrade, but didn’t know if there is special gotchas I should look out for. Once I get it to support pack 3, should I re register it with Novell to see if patches work to get all the post support pack 3 patches on it before proceeding to support pack 4, or what is best method. The server also runs OES2 as well, which needs to be upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.

These forums are for openSUSE not SLES or OES, you need to post over in the OES forums at Novell Forums for your issue.

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