In Opensuse what email program can replace evolution

Out of the box so to speak and I can’t send/receive email.
Yes, possibly I screwed up the sign on but I doubt it.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and that
did not make any difference. I seem to remember in Ubuntu
having problems with evolution and fixes were 6 months in
being corrected. I don’t want to go through that again.

Can I use Kmail in OpenSuse Gnome?

I need to get email today…

thunderbird works good for my email…but, i do not have to work and
play with windows servers…do you?

Ubuntu is an African word meaning “I can’t set up Debian.”

KDE apps will do fine in Gnome. But, if you can’t send mail in Evolution, it seems like you will have problems in any client you choose. Why don’t you try to take care of this first?

Solved as far as I’m concerned.
Uninstalled Evolution.
Installed Kmail.
It’s working just fine

I use kmail since 2002. I lost no mail.