In OpenSUSE 11.1 change DNS to openDNS

I have searched this forum for information on the process by which I would change the primary and secondary DNS to those used by openDNS (Primary: and Secondary: Though there might be some information buried in some of the replies on this forum, I’m a newbie, and find that I need much simpler instructions. The OpenDNS site is next to useless in this regard since they address only changes in the commercial SUSE packages, not the openSUSE version. I am capable of navigating the file system in Linux, having recently taken a class at our local Linux User Group.

The crash course (The “Easy” GUI way):
YAST / Network Devices / Network Card / Hostname & DNS

Tick Change /etc/resolv.conf manually
Enter DNS manually (The IPs you have provided)
Untick Update DNS data via DHCP

You just became an OpenDNS user.

The autopilot off (The “Hard” console way):
su -
nano -w /etc/sysconfig/network/config
Save the file.

nano -w /etc/resolv.conf
Save the file.

And once again, a new user is born.

Naturally a a new user you’ll want to use the “Easy” GUI way. The ‘hard’ one is for reference only.

Is nano installed by default in 11.1; it’s not in 11.0 – might need to check?

Not sure - perhaps it isn’t. The GUI method should still be the same however.

Thanks to all who replied!!! I did make the change using the UI, but because I want to learn the command line interface better I also investigated the procedures. Again thanks.:slight_smile: I think this closes the thread but if I’m wrong please advise me as to how to do that.