In Libreoffice (currently v7.1.3.2) why do drop down menus disappear with mouse over?

I’m using OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 LibreOffice

Recently, when the mouse is over a drop down menu it disappears. It’s not a problem that’s been around very long - maybe a year or so, I think.

The mouse will drop the menu down but any movement to move the mouse down the menu or move it to the scroll bar and the drop down disappears.

For example, the Font Name down arrow will allow the drop down menu to be displayed when its left clicked. As soon as the mouse is moved down the menu it does not remain in place but essentially vanishes.

I’ve not seen this behaviour with other application that I can recall. I’ve asked Libreoffice forums with no working solutions suggested.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I tried, but it does not happen here (I am on KDE).

I can move down at ease to the font I want. I can also leave the menu rectangle and it will stay visible.

I’m also on KDE (4 I think). Also using Plasma 5.

Same here! Also on Leap 15.2 an LO No issues with the menues. Maybe try a force update / reinstall of all Libreoffice packages? It’s kind of bazooka but sometimes it helped me with unexplicable issue.

Great suggestion! Alas, it does not change the behaviour even in safe mode.