in dolphin is there a way to expand all the directory and subdirectory at once?

Is possible in dolphin to expand all the directory and subdirectory in a window at once with a command or one click or have a setting to get this?
for example to pass from this window showing this structure:
to this window showing the structure with one command or click or setting:

Of course there is a CLI command for this


yes, like tree but viewing the result in dolphin

I assume you have already browsed through all settings, configurations, etc. When you did not find it, I guess that only a feature request with KDE will help.

Split view…

tried but doesn’t works:sarcastic:

SettingsDetail viewExpandable folders «enables the ‘>’ alongside the directory name».

As I understand it, the OP does not want them “expandable”, but he wants them “expanded” and that recursive.

AFAICS, “Show Tree” used to be part of Dolphin – pre-Plasma …
Currently, Qt5 does support a “Tree View” –

    QTreeView *tree = new QTreeView(splitter);


But, it seems that, this hasn’t been implemented in the current Dolphin versions.

  • Possibly a Change Request (probably by means of a Bug Report) is needed to resolve this issue.

I was just reading through this thread and have to admit I got a large dose of amusement from this, the very first, reply! rotfl!

I scrolled up just a little and saw the poster and I thought “Of course!”

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You are welcome. Yes, on the northern hemisphere, we need bright spots these dark days.