improving the speed of forum navigation (chromium vs firefox)

Using chromium 64.0.3282.140-138.1
navigating to different pages on this forum can be very slow.
It says: “Waiting for…”

Since switching to Firefox 52.6-75.1
I’m immediately transferred to the next page.

The difference is remarkable.

I have tried with “ublock origin” disabled
and I get the same results.
(It’s nice to see I don’t even need it here. :cool:)
No other extensions are installed.

Yea, it’s been noticed and it’s only using Chrome/Chromium. All other browsers
don’t have the issue.

Kim - 2/7/2018 7:18:13 AM

See this thread:

I have exactly the same issue with Firefox.

Hey arvidjaar:

>I have exactly the same issue with Firefox.

I’ve never seen anyone complain about Firefox. I don’t see it in Firefox.

Kim - 2/12/2018 3:12:19 PM

Does the same thing happen if you open firefox in safe mode?

Kim - 2/12/2018 3:12:57 PM

I started using qutebrowser again, which is based on PyQt 5.10.0 (Chromium 61.0.3163.140).
The problem exists, as we might expect, but I found that when it hangs I can just press R (reload)
and then the page instantly loads.

Hey ravas:

>press R (reload)
>and then the page instantly loads

Interesting. Thanks.

Kim - 3/16/2018 3:31:30 PM

I confirm that.
Firefox is a lot faster than google-chrome (I do not use chromium).
After F5, not only that page but a lot of pages after load much faster.
Thanks for this hint.