Improving Java/Linux Performance

Hi everybody.

Somewhere here in the forum I found this [1] useful guide about improving the OpenOffice performance on Linux, with a few tips, that in my case where just exactly what i need.

So now I ask if someone has a similar guide for Java application performance, because i feel a bit slower all the Java applications in my computer.

My hardware specs are:

3 GB of RAM
160 GB of HD
2.2 Ghz Core2Duo

It will be nice if you know too some tweaks that i can do to the kernel conf to adapt all the performance to this machine.

Thank you everybody in advance.

[1] Training, Tips, and Ideas: Memory

Shoot, if you want to improve performance of OO, just install it on a Mac or Windows box and mess with it for a while. When you come back to Linux, it will INSTANTLY be faster!

Seriously, OO screams in Linux! I had it installed on my Macbook when it had OS X and it dragged, took forever to start, had a lag when typing, was painfully slow when scrolling through…well…anything. We also have OO installed on our work laptops running XP and it drags there too but not as bad as in OS X. I installed it on my wife’s Dell laptop running Mint (her laptop is older and slowers then my work laptop and my Macbook) and it SCREAMED. Was snappy, started quick, responsive and even looked nicer. When I wiped OS X off of my Macbook and installed OpenSuse 11.2, same story. OO screams and I can actually use my Macbook for office tasks now.

If it can be even faster, that’s great, but I’m impressed even if it’s as fast as it gets. :slight_smile:

The best way to speed Java is not to run it. :slight_smile:

But seriously, Java (I assume you mean servlets, not Java programs) is a memory hog. The more RAM you have available (check the heap allocation for your VM for example), the less class libraries you load (though you may not have much control over this), the more you share a servlet engine, the better the performance. Once loaded, Java runs with acceptable speed. It just has a large RAM footprint that’s all.

Hahaha! Thank you both for your answers … And yes, OO its fast, but sometimes i feelit a bit slow, thats the deal but with the tips that i post in the link, now there is no problem.

And its for java programs, not code, programs like aptana or even eclipse …

Thank you all again… :smiley:

There’s not much you can do about speeding the startup of Java programs like Eclipse. Just start it up and leave it running for a whole session.