No request for technical help, not needed. Not so far, anyway. Instead, I want to record my appreciation of Leap 42.2. I gave 42.1 a miss and stuck with 13.2 which, in my view, was the best openSUSE release ever, and I didn’t trust KDE/Plasma 5. Encouraged by the quality of Tumbleweed on my laptop and knowing that 13.2 would soon be out of support, I took the leap into 42.2 and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with a clean install but symlinking my /home folders to the old 13.2 /home partition after mounting the latter as /data. Leap 42.2 just works, is fast, and quite pretty (though I’ll fiddle with the aesthetics). Well done, developers, another classic openSUSE edition it seems.

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Sorry Henk, should have known better than post it there. It was late…

No hard feelings. Here it was mid afternoon, thus I was awake more or less rotfl!

It’s already been mentioned “openSUSE Boring”.

There’s no greater compliment. Who needs the continuous “excitement” generated by Ubuntu and Fedora over their half-baked experiments?

I also was quite pleased with a recent openSUSE-42.2 release - and like you felt I wanted to post about it.

I think openSUSE LEAP 42.2 is very good.

Upstream developers that want to fix bugs and make their software even better. For the general user I agree it’s definitely not recommended :slight_smile:
I have never tried Fedora yet but Xubuntu 16.04 is working pretty well for me. They even fixed apt so you can do “apt install …” “apt search …” no need for that “apt-get install …” “apt-cache search …” mumbo jumbo :slight_smile:
But I guess the credit for that doesn’t go to Canonical :slight_smile:

Neither Fedora, nor Xubuntu, are working for me.

Probably because openSUSE works so well for me that I have never been inspired to try either one of those.

As a result, at this time, openSUSE is the only OS that works for me! (Except, of course, occasionally the GParted live and Clonezilla live distros.) …and the pre-installed Android on my non-phone smartphone!rotfl!

I even never used these.

Any rescue boot (e.g. from an old 10.3 installation CD) contains fdisk and dd. That is enough for me.

:slight_smile: Already old news in Debian.

And btw, yes I am also very impressed by 42.2 or in general with Leap. I use it now even more than my Debian installations.

Has the complete system freeze on some Intel GPU’s been fixed in this release (many people had this issue in 42.1)?

42.2 + GNOME = Oh My Goodness.

Bravo geekos, you did it again! Best Linux release I have ever used.


openSUSE 42.2 seems to be a great release, thanks to you who are contributing to it and make a distro such stable.
From france unfortunately, it is not a distro use by so much people and not popular as Ubuntu / Debian based or even Fedora are. People still blame SUSE about the Novell / Microsoft story.
I have been using Fedoa for few years and left it for i guees was opensuse 12.3 at that time. Then Go back to Ubuntu and flavors wich is a distro i do like also because we do have great community in France. Without community to learn and share with, using a disto is not the same flavor, from my point of view anyway.
I wish, french community will grow up again and helping people to discover open source softwares and ideology, whatever the distro they use - and here we like to say … openSUSE ! :wink:
I am switching between desktops such as Gnome and Plasma 5 not sure yet the one i’ll keep for workstation (both are quite great), but today Plasma 5 seems to match my waiting (Was mostly a Gnome based users)

have a nice day

Had this trouble at the very release of 42.2, but it seems like it 've been fixed now has i don’t need to do any “trick” to avoid this particular problem. Again thanks to the teams from kernels to opensuse communities.