Impressed with milestone 8!

I look at a lot of distributions but OpenSuse milestone 8 KDE has really made an impression on me from a quality standpoint.I have not had one single application crash and I only see minor things that need worked on. I noticed that when I bookmark a site in Firefox I can not save it to a folder in the bookmarks menu. I can manually put a bookmark in a folder if I go into “Organize Bookmarks” though. This is a very minor bug.

Milestone 8 is quick and responsive, boot and shut down times are fast too. I was not familiar with the default tools but a little reading and some investigating on my own got me going pretty quick. The thing that impressed me the most was that the Intel issue that has plauged so many distributions appears to be completely resolved in OpenSuse!

I have participated in development of various distributions and I think that OpenSuse has some good practices that I do not find everyday. OpenSuse has a more realistic release schedule and putting out milestone releases appears to be a very good approach to resolving bugs.

Multimedia playback in milestone 8 has also impressed me. I watch a lot of TV shows on Fancast using flash. Full screen fash works perfectly in this release with Intel graphics, not so much as a flicker on the screen and the playback is smooth.

I look forward to the final release of OpenSuse 11.2 KDE and hope that the high level of quality I am seeing improves rather than regress like it does in so many other distributions. My compliments to the OpenSuse Developer’s for the outstanding job they have done with milestone 8.:slight_smile:

I also like 11.2; I think it is much better than 11.1. I am using the 32 bit version in a VMware session under 32 bit Vista; it is really good.

I have the milestone release installed on my main desktop because there are no issues with Intel graphics and there are no updates coming in to cause any kind of breakage. I have Intel on board graphics and this release has the best support for Intel I have seen. It is nice to see that quality still exists!

I agree about the Intel stuff - I’m on a 945GME, and parts of UXA still utterly suck (at least for these chips). SUSE seems to be handling it pretty well so far…

Re: no bugs coming in - just a heads up, you should make a backup of your menu.lst, because it has a habit of disappearing. Not strictly a bug, but its caught a fair few people off guard. :slight_smile:

I agree, only minor things here and there, all of the freezing issues of past Milestones are fixed, for me.

nv oss support (nvidia) has improved as well, though I use proprietary anyway.

As for Multimedia (and 3D), a lot of improvements (at least over 10.3! loll)! Check out my thread for some of them: Compiz+AC3 sound+S/PDIF all working - openSUSE Forums