impossible to startkde x2goserver


Linux localhost.localdomain 5.3.18-lp152.63-default #1 SMP Mon Feb 1 17:31:55 UTC 2021 (98caa86) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I use x2go server and client often. great app, for dession distance, but …

kde as displaymanager on x2goserver machines

After installation by repo and

systemctl start x2goserver.service 


x2godbadmin --createdb

the x2goclient shows :

Impossible d’executer : startkde
==> translation = impossible to startkde

i tried many things :
or changing /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager or editing /etc/sysconfig/desktop
connection ssh server to client = ok

Any idea please ?:frowning:

I don’t think many people have posted a question about x2go in awhile…

If you experienced an error,
If the application is installed as a systemd service, the following command can provide useful information relevant to any error thrown. For a client/server app, you may want to check both client and server if they’re both Linux (particularly openSUSE).

systemctl status *systemd_unit_name * 

You can also display your system log events in real time with the following command… Simply run the command in a console and leave it open while you invoke your app or task

journalctl -f

Something else you should know that affects VNC remote desktops…
The default KDE/Plasma WM is SDDM which is known to not support remote desktops well.
Assuming X2go is affected the same way, the recommendation is to install the LightDM WM, then switch WMs by running the following command and then select your WM

update-alternatives --config default-xsession.desktop



Thank you much, well seen, !:wink: KDE with remote session is really unreliable, not working at all.

x2go server works well with other desktops : xdmcp, or mate …or other

(==> xdmcp is activated by default ?:O)

x2go is easy to install, configure … : ssh tunnel => crypted

Thanks for help, i appreciate .