Importing earlier Firefox html style bookmark files into the Firefox in 11.4

Looks like Firefox have installed a wonderful wizard on the version in 11.4 which is V4.0 under kde.

The wizard just powers up and states can’t find any bookmarks or passwords to import and that’s it.
Even windoze wizards usually offer a get out. This leaves me wondering just what it’s intended to import. Konq’s on my machine and has bookmarks. What it imports from and where it is will most likely vary by distro.

There are still html bookmark files in the firefox directory but I get the impression that it no longer uses them. I want to import a rather large set that are in the html format. Any one have any ideas how this can be done? I have just stuffed my html file into it’s directory but that hasn’t achieved anything.

I will report this as a bug but am hoping that there is a quick fix - I want to get up and running.

Going to have to post on Konqueror’s import too. Looks good but arggggggggggggg.!!


You have to point to your backups, can be json or html.
FF-4.0, tool bar, bookmarks, show all bookmarks, import and backup.

Your json backups are in your Home, .mozilla, FF, xxxxx.default, bookmarkbackups.

Not on my 4.0 firefox. A wizard pops up and states nothing to import. Can’t find any other way to import.

Fixed after a fashion anyway. Loaded opera. It imported them easily and then allowed me to organise them in my usual way on the bookmark toolbar. The wizard now offers to import everything from opera - when it actually does it only the cookies get read across. The import is useless.

I’m trying to install my old bookmarks from a copy of the firefox html bookmarks as they were before I fitted new disks before upgrading. The home directory copy I made before that wasn’t fully up to date.

Actually in some way opera is a better browser anyway,


I always keep a backup of my bookmarks. It’s easy to do, Firefox will export/import them in the JSON format and I’ve never lost them that way. You might try this in the future.

Yes on your FF 4. clicking on import in the “file” tab didn’t work for me neither.
I told you how to do it in the last post.
Click on the “bookmarks” tab, Then click on “show all bookmarks” Then look up on the top center “import and backup” click it.

I Just confirmed it with a VB new install.

:wink: Whoops - Sorry about that, I’ve been having a bad couple of days with ipv6.

Yes that way does work ok and I can even drag my old toolbar folders into the correct place.
:frowning: Curiously though I am beginning to like opera.