IMPORTANT KDE4.3 to move to factory

From the openSUSE KDE list

KDE:KDE4:Factory will switch the KDE 4.3, once it enters openSUSE:Factory.
I have asked on IRC if it is possible to save the latest state of KDE 4.2 in
an additional repository. Stephan Binner answered that he can copy it to
KDE:KDE4:KDE42. So it looks like we can stay on KDE4.2, until we feel KDE 4.3
is stable enough.


While this is useful information for the people on the forum I guess, you risk causing a panic with such an announcement.

4.3 moving to factory probably won’t happen until 2-3 months from now. When it does happen, the repository changes will be announced on and on the opensuse-kde mailinglist.

Actually, it seems a most relevant point to have made users aware of. I read about it myself a few days ago and considered mentioning it.

Yes. A well informed community is important and seems unlikely to cause panic, far less so, than had Geoff not mentioned it - and uninformed users later trash up their install.

Maybe I was unclear.

My “complaint” was about the lack of information about when it would happen and where to get further notifications about it. Information which I therefore added.

Best way to get info is to subscribe to the list
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