important!!!!! GUI crashed

Hi i am new to linux. i installed opensuse 11.2. after that i tried to install VLC player and mplayer which creates the new directry in root folder with usr name i.e. /usr.

but nor the vlc run neither the mplayer. so i removed that /usr/* directory using rm command rm -r /usr

after that when i reboot the system the linux doesnot run GUI it says /usr/sbin/{and some files name} is not found. no such file or directory. so it failed to start linux on runlevel 5. its working in commamand line. so can anyone help me how to get the previous setting or what change should I do to get the previous setting.

also i want to mount pendrive in runlevel 3. how can i mount pendrive in command line mode. please help me…i am new to linux so please help me thank you.

You will need to re-install:)
You just borked your system

Indeed, as caf4926 noted a re-install is needed now. One can NOT remove /usr without destroying their system.

I quoted your entire post because it was originally in the wrong place, and as an NNTP user I think you will not see the new changed location without a quote of the entire post being made.

Well u are right. but the problem is that there are some important files that i needed. if i reinstalled teh system then those file will be deleted. so if anyone can help me how to mount pendrive in command line mode(runlevel 3)so that i can copies those file in pendrive. please tell me step by step detail of mounting pendrive using command line mode.

Just boot to a liveCD … any liveCD and you can get them if not on /usr (and copy them to a usb stick). If no CD drive, then you will need to create a bootable USB stick (and I can’t help you there).

I agree with @oldcpu

can i use live cd of any other linux. i have live cd of opensolaris can i use that cd?

i think , in opensuse cd there is also a option boot from cd. can i use that option to boot from the cd. so that i can get my files copied in pendrive.

Any live cd will give access to the file system of your hd

can i use live cd of any other linux. i have live cd of opensolaris can i use that cd?

As aside note, I believe opensolaris is based on a solaris kernel and as such not technically a linux distro being UNIX however I expect it will read your linux file systems,It is certain to at least have the dd command so as previously stated any live CD.

Hi y_akash
I hope you’re successful in retrieving the files and in the future be aware most *nix distributions now have package managers that will install and uninstall packages such as VLC and mplayer. :wink: Again, best of luck!

well i hope so it will work. i didn’t try anything yet as i am in college now. i will try that in the evening at home . thank u all of u for your help.

Now i know one thing never delete \usr directory

Actually, the best thing to know is NEVER delete any thing except for items in /home/your-username. ie any subdirectory under / should not be deleted.

If you think you have a valid reason for deleting any subdirectory under / , then post on this forum first asking for confirmation that your understanding is good.

Before installing a unix-like OS, people should read some info on the file system structure of a unix-like OS and then they would understand /usr is essential; hard lesson learned I am certain.

If you did not change anything during install, your /home folder should be on a separate partition, so you may need to mount the partitions one by one when running the LiveCD. Please get back here when running the LiveCD.

Assuming you did a default install to start with and /home is mounted in a separate partition (Suse default partitioning) then just reinstall and tell the installer NOT to format the home partition.This will save all your personal data and settings.