Import KDE 4.x themes into 5?

I just upgraded from 13.2 to 42.1. I was using KDE desktop on 13.2 installation and had set custom themes and colors for the desktop and applications. I had set it up just the way I wanted it, and it looked perfect and beautiful. When I upgraded, the desktop bears no resemblance to the previous one. I tried setting it up the same way as the other one, but I haven’t been successful. I’m not sure the same themes are installed now, and I can’t find what I was using with “get new themes”. Is it possible to import the themes I was using before? I have the same files as before in the home partition and I have a backup of the previous root partition so I can get any needed files from there. I think I was using oxygen theme and obsidian coast color theme. The taskbar and plasmoids were transparent. Can I make the new desktop look as least somewhat like the previous one? Also after applying themes in the root account, the buttons and list panes in YaST2 Software Management are still bright white. I can’t find any screen savers either.

I now realise that I’ve posted this question under the wrong category. I don’t know how to move it or delete it and repost.

Actually it is OK since it is an install problem. But you moved from KDE4.x to 5.x and they use different config files sorry you have to set it up again.