Import Firefox bookmarks into Epiphany ?


could anyone tell me how to import my FF 3.6.3 bookmarks into Epiphany ?
I tried the “Import from Firefox” feature but it doesnt seem to work. Then I tried to import the FF bookmarks.html but Epiphany doesnt recognize that one either.

This is just a drive-by suggestion (I don’t have Epiphany): transfer the bookmarks to Konqueror and then import them to Epiphany.

A google search came up with this suggestion too, but I don`t want to install Konqueror and a lot of KDE dependencies just to transfer my bookmarks.

The import bookmarks from Firefox in Epiphany worked just fine for me. I run Firefox 3.6.3 and Epiphany 2.28.2. I did have Firefox open and running when I imported the bookmarks. I don’t normally run Epiphany.