Imaging Backup Tools?

My last post talked about Update Manager mishaps that can make your system unrecoverable. I am looking for Image backup tool that really do produce a bootable result, especially in mixed Linux/ Windows environmentsmuch like the old ‘2002’ PowerQuest Drive Image product used to do with very passable results. Unfortunately that product has not been updated for the newer File formats as it was killed by Norton and Ghost does not work with Linux. I tried Terabyte’s “Image for Linux” but it was so cumbersome that it did not produce a bootable result after my last disaster. Also “Partition Image” seems a ways a way before it is something that can be called ‘polished’.

Any ideas that do not require a PhD to figure out, that are simple to use like PowerQuest Drive Image, and reliably produce a bootable result for all Linux and Windows file systems?


Have a look at clonezilla: Clonezilla

Or this thread:
Cloning an old drive to a new drive - openSUSE Forums

For those who don’t mind paying a little, Acronis is good option for Linux and windows alike. I use it all the time for backup and restore of Linux machines. Even cloning.

Windows has this annoying habit of crashing when changing the motherboard (most likely because of hardware problems. Acronis will restore that OS to any hardware using universal restore. Then the drivers can be added later or even when restoring

Thanks caf4926 for the clonezilla lead. I did not know that I had it as part of the Parted Magic CD. However clunky it is easier to use than Partition Image but it did not produce a fully bootable image for me. I probably am using it wrong. The Windows partition I was restoring could not find the pagefile [even though it was restored as well] so would not get past the initial log-in screen and hung up. Bummer. Hopefully Acronis will work better? Thanks sabbyman for that lead, I will check it out…

I’m using PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) (the free version).