Is this the right forum to ask a question about the Suse Studio imagewriter? If not, please move it to the right forum.

Anyway, I’m a bit mystified about what ISO-files the imagewriter can handle. I’ve tried three (the Suse 11.3 with KDE 4.5 live-CD, a clonezilla live CD, and the Kubuntu 10.04.1 live-cd). The two first work fine, and the USB-stick boots as it should.

The third one though…the imagewriter says “Sorry, I can’t write this ISO. You need to use another program to write it to a DVD.” BUT it’s still just, as far as I can tell, an ordinary CD-iso. In fact, it can be written to a CD just fine (not DVD). And even if it had been a DVD, it would fit on my USB-stick (an 8 gig one).

Any idea of what may be wrong?

Hello SauronXXX,

I think the problem is that both the openSUSE 11.3 iso and the clonezilla iso are hybrid.
This means that it can be booted from a CD, DVD, USB-stick, Hard disk, Zip-drive.

I think that the Kubuntu iso isn’t hybrid and that that’s causing the problem.
To make him hybrid start YaST Software Management and install “syslinux” (without the quotes).

Start a terminal and go to the directory containing the Kubuntu iso.
Run this command:

isohybrid ./Kubuntu.iso

And then try imagewriter again.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck!:wink:

Okay, that makes sense. The hybrid vs non-hybrid I mean.

If I understand you correctly, the isohybrid command is supposed to convert the iso to a hybrid one?

If so, it fails. All I get is:

“/usr/bin/isohybrid: kubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso: bootloader does not have a isolinux.bin hybrid signature.Note that isolinux-debug.bin does not support hybrid booting.”

And consequently imagewriter (hm…flashback to my old MacPlus computer…) still won’t do anything about the file.

I would try unetbootin; Search Results

Ah, that one solved the problem! Thanks!

ok, i had the same problem, unetbootin couldn’t found my usb stick even mounted. but the the trick with the hybridization as Edward wrote works fine!

I was getting the same error message from Imagewriter, and your suggested command below did the trick, thanks.


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