imagewriter error?

From I downloaded the BIOS update for a Thinkpad T430 to the machines HD.

From from the instructions for creating a live stick, I clicked the option to direct install imagewriter, which produced an error msg [needs fix]. I searched for imagewriter, found and installed it.

I loaded imagewriter and dragged the .iso for the BIOS update to imagewriter which created this error msg:

Sorry, I can’t write this ISO. You need to use another program to write it to a DVD

No DVD was mounted, only a 32Gb Sandisk USB. The dialog box at the bottom of the inagewriter frame shows:

“SanDisk Ultra - dev/sdb (29328 MB)”

I wasn’t trying to write a DVD, but was following the instructions for writing a bootable stick.

I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that the iso does not contain a file system that can be booted from a USB, and imagewriter has recognized this.

he’s right. imagewriter can only write images for bootable media on hdd/usb - you most likely downloaded a cd-image. Its hard to get those images on USB stick - you can try unetbootin but i never had luck with that. what works: burn cd with that image an boot from it.