ImageWrite Problem trying for USB install

I did a search for this, but found nothing, so if I’ve missed a related thread, I’m sorry

The last OpenSuse I used was 11.1 and I decided to give the new one a try on a bootable USB stick first. I downloaded the KDEx64 LiveCD and ImageWrite, but when I select the iso ImageWrite fails with this message:

This is on Win 7 Pro 64. Could it be a permissions issue? The stick seems fine, not read-only or anything like that

Turned out to be simple - it didn’t like the 64bit ISO - when I tried with the the 32-bit, success! At least for the burning, couldn’t boot into X, though. MY CLI skills were never flash, and they’ve atrophied horribly, to the point where I couldn’t even remember how to reboot :frowning:

Did you run the check media option, check the checksums of the download? A bad download or burn can cause that.

I know I should have, and thought of that almost immediately after posting, but decided not to bother, since a lot of the PCs I hope to use the Live USB stick/CD on will be 32-bit anyway. That’s why I downloaded the 32-bit version and went with that.