images on via susepaste command? currently lists numerous image files. Whenever I try to use the susepaste command on a .png or .jpg image, the resulting URL always opens a 404 page, regardless whether I’m running 15.2, 15.3 or TW. Note that man susepaste says “Paste some text to the openSUSE pastebin site”, and offers no suggestion that images can be susepasted. Has everyone who’s successfully uploaded an image to used to upload the image directly, or is there a trick that enables the susepaste command with an image file to succeed?

You probably uploaded it as text which is default.
Did you choose image?

Sorry, my mistake,
I always go to the site and paste.
See my screenshot I posted in the screenshot section.:slight_smile:

I always advice to go to the URL and then use Image upper right as Conram says.

I tried

man susepaste

but found out that there is also

man susepast-screenshot

Maybe that helps.

That is for a combination of making a screenshot, and uploading it, via a single command, so can’t readily be used to upload an existing screenshot (AFAICT), such as when an open/expanded menu needs to be captured.

Works for me…

 susepaste -t "openSUSE paste" -e "360" -f "image" xsnow.png 
Pasted as:
Link is also in your clipboard.

Same here.

Where exactly did you find that command line option/syntax for image? Apparently I was filing as these last two responses were being posted. / search can’t find “image” in the susepaste man page, which says -f switch is for “syntax highlighting”.

Because it’s a ‘syntax’ and the man says possible values…

cat `which susepaste` | grep image

		if  "$SYNTAX" = "image" ]; then
	if  "$SYNTAX" = "image" ]; then

I have no understanding of the man page’s use of the word “syntax”. I am not a programmer. And of course, the susepaste man page, like most man pages, is void of an example that would explain how to get what I want from using the command.

I agree that the manpage is deficient in this case, but the script itself is fairly short and simple.

How is this?

Approved for adding to Leap and TW packages! :slight_smile:

Thanks Malcolm!

I just pushed to the devel project will leave that up to the maintianer :wink: