ImageMagick installation question

I am running on KDE desktop and have installed ImageMagick from source in order to include the libfpx library, which I also had to build from source.

I now find had also installed (and forgotten about) ImageMagick from the TW repo site.


identify -version

gives me the version which is my built version although slightly earlier than the current master on git. Should I remove the TW repo version or are they somehow mingled?

How may I easily update the built version when later versions are published?


I seem to have gone backwards since this posting. I am having to work on laptop so have I have built IM with flashpix library delegate included but I have clearly made a mistake. In order to confirm that I had the fpx delegate included I ran IM with the list command but didn’t get what I wanted.:-

:~> convert -list configure 
convert: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such 
file or directory

Clearly I have made a mistake when building this on my laptop.
I built the libfpx library by running

I then ran ./configure --with-modules --with-fpx,
sudo make install

No errors seen in either build but I have missed a library link. Can anybody please help?
I still have not had an answer to my OP and this still applies because I have the TW repo version of IM installed but this had no fpx delegates installed hence my need again to build from source.

The first thing I’d suggest is to submit a feature request to add the fpx module to the Imagemagick build.
It’s common for a library to be built with all typically required and most optional modules to support the widest possible use.

After that,
I’d say you probably need to identify the source you’re using and probably follow the source build instructions, then possibly blacklist the version that’s installed from the openSUSE repos. Assuming that the library is placed in the proper location, your app should find it easily.


Hi Tsu,
Many thanks. The sad thing is that I have managed the build previously on another machine without a hitch. Must be losing my grip so will go through the process again as I must have missed something in the instructions.

I am not sure how to set a blacklisting here or how this works. I suppose I could meanwhile uninstall the version from openSUSE repo. I agree that adding the fpx module through feature request would be a great way to go although my request may be rather low in the list of priorities of the feature requests. How do I submit a feature request please?