Imageing to a new Bootdisk

I have created a Image from a Opensuse 10.3 PC with the product Acronis and Clonezilla. If I image (restore) to the new Bootdisk (bigger), then the Opensuse 10.3 is waiting for the old Hardiskname “Samsung”.
This happens with both Imageing products Acronis and Clonezilla.
Both products works when I restore the image to the old disk!
I boot the PC with the Opensuse 10.3 CD and choose Repair Installed System, after a while the system says An error occurred during the installation.

  • How is the correct way for Imageing?
  • How can I tell Opensuse if the hardware has changed?

Thanks a lot!


If it really is about the “Samsung” disk name, you should just rename your new disk to “Samsung” and it should work. This can be achieved by almost any partition editor, so a LiveCD with a partition editor, such as Knoppix LiveCD, should suffice. If however the problem lies with your fstab, you should look at your /etc/fstab and your /boot/grub/menu.lst. In both files, there are references to your partition names, and I suspect this is what you should be looking at. In your old OpenSuSE 10.3 installation, the partitions may have been referenced by UUID (or potentially by some other intricate scheme); I suggest you revert all those references in both fstab and menu.lst to the classical naming scheme /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 (or /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, depending on your hardware), at least for the time being until you get your system to boot up. Then, you can proceed from there. Anyway, you’re in for some trial-and-error, so be prepared.
P.S. Imaging software is actually quite an overkill when dealing with liGNUx – most liGNUx users simply copy their partitions with the cp or the tar commands.

Possibly because you are mounting by disk id, which would include the disk model in the id. Show us what your /etc/fstab looks like and we’ll be able to tell.

To avoid dependency on the disk model you should switch to mounting by uuid, which will get copied verbatim on imaging, or by label, also copied faithfully, or if all else fails, by device name, like /dev/sda2. You have to edit both /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst.

Hi JosipBroz
Hi ken_yap

first Thanks for your tips!!!
I will try it next weekend, I will inform you!