Image verification

I’ve downloaded 13.1 KDE 64 but when I insert the DVD and select Verify Disk it is saying that the image verification failed

I’ve checked bot the ISO and the MD5 and SHA1 are correct

Can I proceed for installation or have I to download more times the ISO?


You can. However, if the checksums of the ISO image when it’s in your drive are correct, but the “verify disk” fails then that usually means that either
your DVD drive is not reading and/or writing properly or the media is bad.

I would recommend burning the DVD at the lowest speed. What speed were you using for the burn? I recommend 4x.

BTW I use and recommend Verbatim media.


if you checked the size and the md5 checksum of your iso image and they agree to the correct values
then the iso image should be OK.

Your DVD drive may have a problem.
Is that one running fine otherwise?

What software did you use to burn the DVD ?

Good luck

one iso I burn in mac and use Burn at the minimum speed
the other downloaded in Windoze and burn using Cyberlink Power2Go at 4x

the support is TDK DVD-R

I’ve installed the second yesterday night, it seems to work fine right now but I’m not feeling secure after the Iso check

Now I’m downloading the image from two other mirror, hoping to burn an image that is ok


Just run Zypper verify

zypper ve

zypper ve is showing that everything is ok

downloaded the full DVD (4.3 GB) and the Media Check was ok

installing KDE from the DVD :slight_smile:

Great to hear! There were times where I’ve had to download two or three times with Firefox.
Another option is to open konsole or xterm and use “wget -c” <URL path to ISO> (without quotes).