Image Quality, noise moving arround

Seing fluctuating noise in the image (looks like a scatter plot). It looks like white/black noise (like on an old TV without reception), but only with colours. It is the same on both my QHD monitor as on my FullHD monitor. The monitors are not quite the best of the creme though.

Perhaps my monitors are not as good display for movies as a TV would be, though I do not sit so close to the TV as my monitors. Or perhaps it is the player/hardware which cannot render properly? I have used both smplayer, mpv and VLC, same in all.

I am sitting less then 1 meter from the monitor. The more I move in towards the monitor more noise I observe.
When I pause the video the noise becomes much much more visible, like a blurry picture.

BenQ G2410HD 24" (1920x1080)
Samsung SyncMaster SA850 27" (2560x1440)

My graphic card is an old Asus GTX 650Ti, but would image quality really be any better with a better card. Am getting soon a GTX 1080.

I have no problem with playback, it moves smooth. Just not satisfied with the image quality. On the areas of focus the image looks splendid (you really can see every wrinkle on a person’s face), but everywhere else not so much, specially in the dark areas. Perhaps I should have an OLED monitor…