Image color manipulation via command line

I am trying to change the colors of the boot splash jpgs to blue. When I use gimp to do so by colorization, the image looks blue, until I reboot and it shows red.


Is there a command line way of guaranteeing the image is converting to blue?


I haven’t tried modifying a bootsplash images, but just a question how did you save the modified images. If I to do so I will save it on another file as a user and reopen it to test to make sure it was saved properly before transferring to the proper place with root privilege. I don’t know a command line way of manipulating color. Outside of gimp there is a simple tool that you can use to modify the image if not so complicated. For monochromatic color I think it will work. It is called showfoto. Please give it a try.

All boot splash images are jpg. I dont change the format of the images. Prior to starting the modifications, I copy all pixs to my home folder as a backup, then mess around with the images.

Will give showfoto a shot. I tried imagemagic with no luck.


Does anyone have any other options? showfoto isnt a simple install. I am trying to use applications that come with opensuse, if its possible. I have read that convert (which comes with imagemagic) is suppose to perform the task I need. Been unsuccessful so far.


Hi John,
showfoto is in the openSUSE kde repositories included with digiKam. Go to yast2 software management and in search type digiKam

shoot, there it is. I had digiKam installed already. Thanks, I will try again.